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In 1983 Randy Tassie created Tassie Siding Inc. a full siding installation company. Over the next 13 years, Randy collected various fabrication machines to do his own fabricating for his own installation jobs.

By 1997 word got out that Randy had the ability to make J channels and bend custom metals for siding and roofing.

This marked the beginning of what we now know as our full fabrication shop.

In 2003 the demand for high-quality fabrication grew so much that our fabrication shop was outpacing installation.

Eventually In 2005 Randy and his crew of installers decided it was time to focus solely on fabrication. Resulting in them hanging up their tool belts for good.

Fast forward 15 years, in 2018 Randy passed down his company to the next generation; His son, Shawn Tassie, and his daughter Sara along with her husband Jason. Tassie remains a family-owned and operated business.

We never want to lose that small family-owned business feel. We are grateful for the strong supportive community of dealers and contractors who come to us every day for their fabrication needs. We will continue to grow and adapt as our customers need us to. We are here and are grateful to serve you and the Utah market.

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